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Group Therapy

The Advantages of Group Therapy

The most significant benefit of group therapy is working together with others as a cohesive unit. In group therapy, you have the opportunity to share and listen to similar issues and share with others ways to overcome them. You can realize that you are not alone in your struggles — other people have gone through similar experiences. This sense of belonging can allow you to come together with others and work through issues collectively. A cohesive approach can be especially beneficial to people recovering from substance abuse, as many people believe their struggles are unique to them.

Identifying with other people in a group can also help you learn more about yourself and become more self-aware. As other people share their experiences and where specific feelings and thoughts may stem from, you may recognize something in yourself you never have before.

Group Therapy

Other advantages of group therapy include:

  • Learning how to listen and communicate with others appropriately

  • An opportunity to foster modeling

  • Modeling is a method of learning where an individual copies what other people are doing. Group therapy allows you to see what works for others and copy that behavior.

  • Learning to take responsibility for your actions and accept the consequences as a result of the group process

  • Groups with more than one therapist can maximize the benefits of treatment through multiple experiences and skills