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Trauma Therapy

At WellMind, we offer high quality Trauma Therapy sessions to help you navigate to a happier and more peaceful version of yourself. 

Trauma Therapy

The Advantages of Trauma Therapy

In recovery, you can experience multiple advantages of trauma therapy. The most significant benefit of one-on-one therapy is confidentiality. Only the therapist you are working with will know what you are going through unless they are required to breach confidentiality. A breach of privacy can only occur if you are actively suicidal, actively involved in an action that threatens the safety of others, or actively involved in some form of abuse.

Individual therapy also creates a more intimate therapist and client relationship. When a therapist is solely focused on you in a session, they can better understand what you are going through. As a result, your therapist can more readily uncover what is going on. It also becomes easier to deeply explore your issues and develop an individualized approach that suits your therapy needs.