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Mental Health Treatment For Adolescents

Our brains and our bodies do the majority of their development during our adolescent years. Having all those things happen in a tight window like that can be scary. It can also be confusing. At that age, children might not be able to fully understand what is happening to them. They also might look around and see certain things happening to their friends or classmates and not to them. This can lead to an already fragile mental state becoming even more frayed. For those adolescents who might be struggling, in most cases, the last person that they want to talk to about what they are going through is a parent. Luckily there are therapists and counselors out there that specialize in therapy for adolescents.

If you are the parent of a child who you think might be struggling or you are a child or adolescent who is struggling, this page is designed to help guide you to find the help that you might need as well as touch on some of the services we offer here at WellMind.

What Can Lead an Adolescent To Struggle With Their Mental Health?

When we hear about a teenager or child struggling with mental health, it’s natural to think to yourself, “they are a kid what could they possibly be struggling with?”. While yes, they might not have to deal with having a job, paying the bills, or stresses that adults have to deal with, it doesn’t mean that they can’t also be struggling for other reasons. Mental health problems can be the result of many different factors in a person’s life, including:

Mental Health Treatment For Adolescents

  • Violence and abuse – If a child has a home life where violence and abuse are around them, whether they are the direct recipient of it or not, it can lead to significant mental distress. Like an adult who might witness a horrifying car accident or a first responder who sees horrific things, constantly being around violence and abuse can lead to issues such as PTSD and other mental strains.

  • Medical Condition – Some medical conditions can lead either directly or indirectly to the development of a mental health condition. Any medical condition that can lead you to act, think, or feel strange could also result in the development of a mental health issue.

  • Stress – While some levels of stress are normal and can even be helpful in certain situations, too much stress could be a sign of a chemical imbalance in the brain that could be a mental health condition.

  • Genetics – If mental illness runs in your family you might be more likely to develop a mental health disorder yourself.

What Treatments and Services Does WellMind Offer To Adolescents?

At WellMind, we know that when it comes to treatment what works for an adult might not work as well for a child or teenager. That’s why we have crafted a clinical care program just for adolescents between the ages of 10 and 18. Many of our providers specialize solely in the treatment of adolescent patients, and as a result, have the know-how and insight necessary to help your child. Our services include:


Each WellMind client receives a thorough psychiatric evaluation. This allows us to identify any problems with behavior, thinking, and memory. Assessments are used to diagnose issues such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and other mental illnesses.


WellMind offers therapy for a variety of diagnoses. In these sessions, an expert clinician will help your child to identify and process their emotions. Adolescents also learn practical skills to manage their anxiety, depression, dysthymia, sleep problems, or whatever it is they are going through. Some of the therapy options that we offer for adolescents include:

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy takes place in a one-on-one setting where the adolescent will meet with a therapist or counselor who has been specially trained in working with teens and children. Individual counseling sessions typically last 50 minutes. During therapy sessions, the therapist might give the adolescent a homework assignment to help them work through their problems, and then they would report back at the next session. It’s important to remember that all therapy is 100% safe and confidential unless the therapist has reason to believe the child might harm themselves or others.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is exactly what it sounds like. In family therapy, the adolescent attends therapy along with either some or all of their immediate family members. This can include their parents and their siblings. During family therapy, the entire family can attack the issues that the child is going through together as a cohesive unit. They can talk about ways that the child’s struggle might be affecting the family as a whole and the parents can learn ways in which they can better help their child at home.

Case Management

Case management is a blend of advocacy, planning, referrals, monitoring, and continuous evaluation. At MindMD, our case managers will provide ongoing support for any teen or adolescent that comes in, equipping them with crucial life skills and connecting both them and their parents with valuable community resources.

Medication Management

Whether a child is already on a medication and needs an emergency refill, or one of our medical providers prescribes a medication to them after psychiatric evaluation, MindMD will continue to work with the original prescribing doctor and with the child to continue to help manage their medication and make any necessary changes.

Therapy for Adolescents

Want To Know More About Therapy for Adolescents?

While in some cases, children acting out is just a sign that they are growing up and becoming moody teenagers. While an isolated incident here or there might not be a cause for concern. Odd behavior on a regular basis can be a sign of a larger issue such as a mental health condition. Whether you are someone who might be concerned that your child is going through something, or you are just looking for another place that you can bring your child for treatment or a refill on their prescription without having to wait weeks for an appointment, at WellMind we are here to help.

We offer a wide range of therapy options for people of all ages and we also have treatment options specifically for children and teens. We treat a wide variety of mental health conditions and treatments including:

  • Individual therapy

  • Couples therapy

  • Family therapy

  • Holistic treatments

  • Physiotherapy

  • Nutritional counseling